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September 27, 2019

You know the grumpy middle-aged auntie/uncle who will whip around with an accusing glare and ‘tsk’ you when you laugh aloud on the bus? This turned out to be oddly specific, but yes, that’s me during afternoon S&C sessions and between 8pm to 10pm on most weekday evenin...

April 28, 2018

Kevin's words struck me hard. In our journey for the penultimate enlightenment of Muay Thai, I forgot that Sylvie and Kevin were both also on their own journey. Because of Sylvie's prestige in Thailand, it is easy to forget that once upon a time, both of them l...

March 26, 2018

One of the many things that most of you do not get to see, is that actually, we have a lot of meetings that goes on during the day time. They usually starts off with pleasantries, which I would quickly dictate to be skipped, and we get into the thick of things that I h...

April 13, 2017

Hanging onto your precious pair of gloves that's smelly beyond hope is like a clingy ex-boyfriend that refuses to admit that the love has long gone. Do the right thing; throw it away, and get a new pair. Before long, you'd break into your gloves and it'll b...

April 12, 2016



"Turn your hips more!"


"Kick faster!"


The instructions came thick and fast, atypical of the Onyx trainers, but my mind was just a hazy blur. I tried my best to make my body obey, fighting through the fog of fatigue and throwing out punches and kicks as comm...

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September 27, 2019

September 18, 2019

September 1, 2019

August 27, 2019

July 2, 2019

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