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Beating the Bully

Even before the onset of the great internet and social media age, the topic of bullying has been omni-present. While I think we used to keep it under wraps and seek redress (or revenge...) by our own might, the influence of new age camera phones and technology has made such bullying occurrences much more "frequent", and much more apparent.

The context of the bully, and bullying as an action.

Singapore isn't immune to it; and just like our American counterparts, a lot of these bullying instances happen in the rich social density of schools. Take the below local viral bullying video posted yesterday for example:

Minutes after the video was posted, the names were all revealed.

Bullies revealed and caught within minutes.

Netizens of course cried foul and dismay and what have you nots at the act of violence. The comments section rang with descriptions of stupidity on the bullies' part, and how they were 'idiots', etc.

I think most of us are glad that the police are involved, and that the matter would be resolved and brought to justice within a reasonable time frame. But it could have ended differently. Look at the video again, notice that hockey stick?

But of course, I'm not a journalist reporting on sensational happenings within our heartlands. What caught my eye, was the possibility of a very different ending, a much better one for our victim.

If you've trained in any of the big 4 disciplines within Onyx, or anywhere else, or perhaps sparred a little, watch the video again. There is little doubt that neither of these young insolent fools are trained in any sort of proper/decent martial arts. Would that have made a difference? Why not. The victim's hands were down the whole time, and if you've done boxing or Muay Thai, the first few key pointers that you'd hear nagging through your trainer, would most probably have been to keep your hands up, and protect your face, and protect your head.

I'm not going to be a critic of the attackers and descriptively narrate how they could have improve their attacks. No, because they are a bunch of fools. If this were medieval times, we would be "settling" this with swords and shields, but we are a modern, law abiding society that do not need to resort to violence for scores.

But if you take another quick look at the attackers, and how they've chosen to wildly swing their cotton ball fists, couple with knees that even the Body Combat folks can do better; you'd realise sharply that they are not trained as well.

A trained practitioner versus an untrained one is a one way street, even if out-numbered. When the first dude swung the first cotton ball at that distance, a simple o-goshi (a Judo hip throw) would have landed the bully on the concrete floor, unlikely to move. Repeat same move on all.

When the rubbish-of-a-knee came, it would be natural instinct for a Nak Muay to adopt a basic clinch position, bring down the neck/head, and apply a straight knee to the face. After which, it is extremely unlikely for the perpetrator to stand back up. Even if he does, rinse and repeat step 1 to 3.

When the same nonsensical aggression of body shots landed, the boxer would have countered with a close uppercut, followed by a barrage of boxing hell onto the face and body of the attacker. Follow up attacks from the friends who's there as well would be slipped, weaved and dodged; rinse and repeat fists from hell.

Even if beaten to the ground, the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu folks would know when to pull guard, and break a couple of arms, knees, or choke out the adversary.

My point is very simple, the outcome of such occurrences can be controlled. Don't wait for something to happen. Train, and protect yourself.








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