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Measures To Be Taken

  • There will be compulsory temperature taking at the main entrance of the gym for all visitors. Anybody with a temperature higher than 37.5 Degrees Celsius will be turned away from Onyx and urged to seek prompt medical attention. 


  • All visitors will be required to complete a Travel and Health Declaration Form for every day that they attend training at Onyx. Completion of the forms may be done at the tablets at the main gym entrance (which will be sanitised after every usage), or by the individual at [link]. Please show the Onyx counter staff the completed page if the latter option is chosen. 

    • Personal information will be collected to facilitate future contact tracing, if required, and will be stored/processed/disclosed in accordance with the PDPA. Information provided will strictly not be shared to third parties for marketing or other such gains. 


  • All visitors must have the TraceTogether app installed on their phones and have their Bluetooth enabled for the duration that they are at Onyx. This is to facilitate contact tracing, if need be.


  • Disinfection of the gym, inclusive of all surfaces and equipment, will occur at the end of every class.


In line with the Singapore government’s announcement on 24 March 2020, we will be also be implementing the principles of safe distancing to all classes. This will be done by (a) modifying the Onyx class schedule, (b) implementing a booking system, and (c) modifying the class structure. 

  1. Modifications to Class Schedule, effective from 27 March 2020

    • All classes (Muay Thai, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Iron Lab) will be 50 minutes long.

    • All classes will have a maximum of 8 participants. Members are required to pre-book their class before turning up. Members without prior booking will NOT be allowed into the gym. 

    • A 10-minute buffer is left between classes to facilitate disinfection and to ensure that group sizes are kept to a maximum of 10 people at all times within the gym.  

    • Please see the modified class schedule above.

  2. Implementation of the Booking System, effective from 26 March 2020

    • Class slots are available for pre-booking up to 48 hours before the scheduled starting time. 

    • Please Whatsapp the Onyx hotline at 81680661 to book a class slot. You can list up to TWO preferred class slots for the upcoming 48 hours. DO NOT call or SMS the Onyx hotline. 

    • You may book a slot for yourself only. 

    • Upon receiving confirmation of the slot (through a message from the hotline or over the phone), you are expected to attend the class. 

    • If you wish to amend or cancel your booking, please do so within 2 hours of your initial Whatsapp message. 

    • Members who are no-shows will not be allowed to book classes for the next 7 calendar days. 

    • Class bookings will be done on a first-come-first-served principle.

    • For peak period classes (weekday evenings) we recommend booking classes only on alternate days, so that more members are able to get their dose of endorphins. Drop-ins are possible for other time slots, but dependent on capacity. You might want to try your luck!

      We understand that the pre-booking system is a major change from what the Onyx way was. Given that there are limited slots and to ensure accessibility to all members, we seek everyone’s patience and understanding if you are unable to get your selected slots.

  3. Modification of Class Structure, effective from 1 April 2020

    • Muay Thai, Boxing, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

      • A physical distance of 1.0m must be kept between members at all times. 

      • There will be no sparring and/or clinching.

      • BJJ will be modified with distancing and no-contact considerations.

      • Members are not to loiter in the gym after training has ended. 

    • Iron Lab, effective from 27 March 20

      • A physical distance of 1.0m must be kept between members at all times.

      • The majority of Iron Lab classes will be held outdoors, so please bring your running shoes to all Iron Lab classes. 

      • Classes may be relocated to temporary locations, outside of 10 Science Centre Road. If this is done, information will be disseminated beforehand via the Iron Lab Whatsapp group chat. 


Personal Advisory


Given the highly contagious nature of Covid-19, we seek everyone’s help to minimise the risks to the community. Please ensure high levels of personal hygiene, by washing your hands frequently and minimise the touching of your face while outdoors. 


As there are many reports of patients with mild symptoms, please do not attend classes if you are feeling even a bit unwell. If you find the need to cough or sneeze, please cover your nose and mouth when doing so, and excuse yourself from the gym until you feel better. 


If you have a fever, runny nose, sore throat, cough, fatigue, body aches, and shortness of breath, please seek immediate medical attention for PHPC clinics at https://www.flugowhere.gov.sg/ 


As a rule of thumb, please refrain from attending classes for at least 5 days from the onset of symptoms, even if the symptoms have subsided, unless otherwise specified by a medical professional or the Ministry of Health.


End Note


It is a turbulent time for the entire world. We understand that everyone is itching to get back into action and resume training as usual. However, this will be the new normal, as there are some of us who are more vulnerable to the illness and we need to take precautions to ensure everyone’s health and safety. As the situation may evolve over the coming weeks, we will continue to monitor and adapt to the instructions from the Ministry of Health. 


We do see the value in regular exercise, which is why we have decided to continue operations, albeit with some big changes to the Onyx operating protocols. What will not change is the Onyx spirit: of good cheer in the face of difficulties, of togetherness in spirit, even while we are physically 1 metre apart. 


Take care and be well folks; we will see you all soon.