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Why I Hesitated Starting Muay Thai

Hesitating to start or sign up for Muay Thai because you feel that you aren't athletic enough to take on this "hardcore" sport? Or are you hesitating because you "don't think I have the time to commit to training"?

Based on the typical (and hectic) lifestyle in Singapore today, we conveniently, and easy can name a few excuses to brush off the notion or initiation to start exercising. We work, had a sinful lunch, and you start telling yourself:

"Crap, I gotta go for a jog tonight."

The day's work is done, you go home, stench of the crowd in the MRT still lingering on your clothes. The door open, and all you see is the deathly seduction of the couch, the TV, or worse, the bed. The next thing that comes to your mind:

"Aiya, I eat lesser tomorrow for lunch."

Well, most of the time, the lunch wasn't any lesser.

Just 2 years ago, I am, admittedly, one of those who simply REFUSED the idea of Muay Thai as a fitness lifestyle routine. Sure, I exercised, and like many of the ladies out there, frequently told myself that "I need to lose weight". But taking up Muay Thai? A big fat no.

Before and after: My transformation.

I gave myself a multitude of reasons:

1. I was never athletic since young.

2. Muay Thai looks too hardcore for me.

3. I afraid to make a fool out of myself.

4. I have no time.

5. Etc etc etc.

Unlike most of the nak muays that I meet at Onyx, I didn't choose start Muay Thai, nor did i research on which gyms to join, or went for various trials. It all started on a fine Sunday late morning in September 2012, when I made my way to a gym where a friend of mine was training. I wasn't there for a class, and no, I wasn't there for a trial. I went to wait for a friend, whom I'm going out with later.

I arrived a bit earlier, and sat "ring side" and watched all the trainees gear up in their shiny shinpads and gloves; ready to "battle" in a sparring session. As I watched, and observe the various folks that were training, it started to don on me that "this" was actually "possible", and that it didn't look as hardcore as it seems.

It also struck me when I saw fellow females training and sparring in that session. Fantasies rushed through my mind, and I thought to myself that I'm sure I can do "it" as well.

I left the gym for the outing, and disappointingly, I did not return for a first class. It was the same reasons that fall within my comfort zone. There was a lot of "huh, don't want lah". It was, eventually, after weeks and weeks of persuasion (by my own friends!) that I finally attended my first class in Jan 2013 (new year resolution....). I had my fingers crossed that I don't make a fool out of myself.

I don't remember much of that first class unfortunately, but it is a moot point. Fast forward to 2015, and 2 years into this "hardcore" sport, Muay Thai hasn't just been a hobby, but it has been my lifestyle routine. From the usual 1.5 to 2 hours training, to full 3-hour fight preparation sessions, this sport has brought my physical AND mental limits to a whole new level. And yes, I've competed and fought; something in which the 2-year-ago-me will never agree and foresee.

Round 3 of my previous fight in Singapore.

You might be admiring that I have the luxury of time to commit for trainings, or am always free or without commitments. Don't be. Like many of us, I'm a full time working executive, and a part-time undergraduate student as well. My full time job is competitive by nature, coupled with studies and of course, Muay Thai, requires me to sprinkle magic powder to manage my time. But I have done it, especially periods when I have to go into training camp to prepare for fights. So, that points back to the most common excuse of "I have no time...". Isn't that the lousiest excuse?

I now train at Onyx MMA, where the folks are just like family to me. If i had any regrets, it would be that I hadn't taken up Muay Thai earlier. Suffice to say, I've now found a belonging, and a second home to go to after work. Don't wait, and don't procrastinate; go for your first Muay Thai class.

Sign up for your first (free!) Muay Thai class here!








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