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Watch These 5 Videos Before You Come For Training

If you're like me, spending my Sundays pondering about the knees and elbows that you're going to do come Monday when Onyx opens; you need therapy.

My therapy, is to go on the "tube" and watch videos. Sometimes these videos are written to me by my head trainer, other times I get to chance upon them on the interwebs. So before we hit the mats, bags and pads tomorrow, watch these 5 awesome videos to occupy your Sunday!

1. Muay Thai - Samart Payakaroon Highlights

Samart, as Jack often puts it, is the best ever. He fought in an era where there were many technical geniuses, and he emerged from all. Unfortunately, he also fought in a time where internet and technology weren't wide spread. Huge plus point given for being handsome as well.

Samart is not just a multiple time Lumpinee Champion, he is also multiple time Fighter of the Year, and to top it off, was a WBC (Boxing) Champion. Watch this somewhat limited clip of Samart's highlights below!

2. Muay Thai - Sitjaopho Padwork

This video, is something of an orgasmic thing for the trainers. The trainers absolutely love the way that the Sitjaopho trainer (with the cool beret in this video, in others he wears a bandana) holds pads. For me, the thing to be watching is the Sitjaopho brothers' rhythm and footwork, and their knees especially. On the internet, you should also be able to find other videos of them sparring, which is always a delight to watch. Again, plus points given for being handsome, both them brothers.

3. Boxing - Muhammad Ali

While the world laments about Pacman's lost to Mayweather, we need to recall that there was once a semi-defensive boxer who wasn't boring. Ali, in his prime, entertained the audiences with his fluidy. Ali was also recently quoted by Mike Tyson to be the "greatest" of all time.

After watching Muhammad Ali's highlights, you may want to search for others like Sugar Ray Leonard, who at his prime, was also a great pleasure to watch. Oh, and of course, Iron Mike Tyson.

4. Boxing - Southpaw Cast Workout

Jake Gyllenhaal in the recent movie "Southpaw" had 5 months to prepare for the movie shoot. He signed up for boxing, and did training twice a day because he was worried that he "would look like an idiot in the ring". Jake certainly look the look in the video below.

Huge points given for commitment. People talk the talk, but not many will step up like Jake to walk the walk.

5. BJJ - The Miyao Brothers

The Miyao Brothers are a pair of twins that are both black belts in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. They are both young, and extremely committed to BJJ. It is known that the Miyao Brothers, in their native gym in Brazil, sleeps in the gym, not to waste time out of training. Miyao himself says that he only leaves the gym to go for S&C and to the market. While at that, they are BOTH fearsome competitors.

Their story? Inspiring and raw. The video below, and several others on the net will tell you why.

"I don't like to talk about my jiu-jitsu, just train."

See you back on Monday!








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