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When Over Confidence Goes Wrong

Let's be honest, showboating is part and parcel of fighting, and a form of entertainment for the payees and audiences of the sport (or sports). The fight, usually is over within minutes, some even lesser if knocked out cold, but most of us also tune in for the sideshow drama. That's what keeps WWE fights entertaining even though everyone knows it's "fake".

Taunting, trash talking, rivalries are but a few tools to hype up fights, either to sell tickets, pay-per-views or just gain followership. Then there are those that somehow decide that the greater act would be to perform whilst fighting in the ring/cage, taunting and luring their opponent with the "bro that didn't even hurt" move.

We take a look at some well known, and some lesser known moments where karma struck back right in the faces of these showboaters.

1. Charles Manyuchi vs Qudratillo Abduqazorov

Watch this recent WBC Silver Championship fight right in Singapore where Qudratillo decided that he's had enough of Manyuchi's taunting and put him to sleep promptly.

2. Joe Harding vs John Segas

In this BCMMA 18 (British Challenge MMA) fight, Harding decided after winning two opening rounds that he should start breaking out some dance moves, and was shortly proven that the cage isn't exactly a dance floor.

3. Chris Weidman vs Anderson Silva

One of the more significant KO of this century, a highly anticipated match up for the UFC middleweight title resulted in a shocking KO when Silva decided to try out the Muhammad Ali defense moves.

4. Usman "Uzzy" Ahmed vs Ashley Sexton

Earning the title of the funniest entrance ever, Uzzy danced his way into a knock out by the then undefeated Ashley.

5. Maidana vs Broner

The WBA Boxing Championship fight between Maidana and Broner was filled with taunts from both side, instigated first by Broner. At one point, Broner even humped Maidana. But in a twist of fate, Broner was downed twice and eventually lost the fight.

6. Yi Long vs Josh Pickthall

Besides being known for controversially beating Buakaw, Yi Long the "Shaolin Monk" is also infamous for his "Iron Chin", where he often gives his opponent free hits on his chin as a show of power. In this fight against Pickthall, his iron chin was eventually melted down.

7. Stanley Onyx MMA Singapore vs Larzuadi

A fighter much lesser known in the South East Asia region, in a smaller event saw one of Onyx's Muay Thai fighter in an away land of Indonesia fighting against a local favourite. Banging his chest and goading at Stanley to come at him, shaking his bum, and even sneaking in a cheap shot after referee's break, Stanley made short work of him after that.

Well, not all taunts and showboats represent the true intention or character of the fighter; sometimes it is after all a form of entertainment, some may even be staged! But regardless, keep your hands up, keep your guard up, and train hard.

Stanley Onyx meets his match and get kicked in the head by Chocolate.








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