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Who Are We To Judge?

We don't write very much these days, and I certainly don't write much where it comes to the Onyx's blogosphere. An apology is in place, because as much as we, the whole team at Onyx, has reminded ourselves numerous times that we should be writing more actively for you, our dear audiences, the best of us are usually just entertained by our own fuckeries in the gym, on a day-to-day basis.

If I'm not making myself too clear, just take a look at the video series produced by Dragon and MC Faruq.

And because I seem to be the only de-facto serious entity left in Onyx, this short writing will probably not be dressed with the usual Onyx flowery look of highly professional looking photos and what have you nots; and not laced with the usual humour that you've all enjoyed (hopefully).

We came across something recently that made us frown a little. There is a video, going viral, about this young teenage boy who was making a fuss at the arcade. The video entailed him causing a din at a games arcade, and presumably calling his dad on a mobile, asking him to either give him money, or come pick him up.

I mean, it's the typical Singaporean "Stomp" mentality right? Social reporting and stuff like that. It would probably have passed us by as the usual daily social media shit except that, we know this boy.

And some of us at the gym have, one point or another, spoke to, and trained him before.

The shares were aplenty, and the comments were mixed. Some immediately recognised some form of behavioural issue, and pointed out that he needs help, rather than being shamed. Then there are others who are quick to dish out social justice, quoting that "if this is my son, I will disown him".

A quick check at these Facebook profiles easily reveals a truth that checks out; it's easy to say shit like "i'll disown him if he is my child" when you don't even have a child. You'd really think you'll disown your child if he has autism?

The larger tinge of sadness for us, we do know his father. Just the father, because he is single parented. The words that came out of the father's mouth to us, are stories of exasperation, and those of a man, struggling, and hanging onto whatever thread of hope there is in life. Perhaps, one day, his son will be accepted normally by society. We've also heard of how he hasn't been able to get his son into any care facilities, and that getting a domestical helper isn't working out because of his son's needs.

I too, am a father, and as I hear what the father has to say, I thought to myself; if there's anything remotely close to a living hell, he must be experiencing it.

With the smart phone technology these days, it's ever so easy to shoot something and put it all out on the interweb, on social media sites and add a couple of degrading and sensationalised caption to it. The shit gets circulated quickly, and people form an opinionated view of their own, often crucifying the said perpetrator. The juridical system of innocent unless proven otherwise, and beyond reasonable doubt do not apply wholly on social media justice. If we, the audiences of social media are juries, then based on the comments, the poor teenager's probably been handed the death sentence.

Perhaps, it is of the human nature to be curious, to pass judgement in the blink of an eye without thinking it through. It is not in us, to recognise that we may have erred without exercising due caution, and due diligence first. Or simply because it has become way too convenient for us to exercise the pseudo powers of courage whilst sitting behind the keyboard/keypad, seemingly anonymously, and say our piece as though we fear none nor care for none.

I was made aware of the video by Kai, and he too felt that the public shaming of the boy was far too much. I don't usually emerge from the dark shadowy caves of Onyx, but I thought it was only right to do so. I knew I wouldn't sleep well if I didn't.

He has obviously read the message, but last I checked, the video's still up. So I guess the uploader's intention is to be some viral Facebook star, or wants to be at the next Singapore Idol.

My point thus far, is little to do with MMA. I think once in a while, we need incidents to remind us to be better human beings. I sometimes hope that the guys at Onyx have at least brought about some influence in this, and that we shouldn't judge so easily, regardless of our backgrounds. It is one thing to be an absolute dick, but a totally different story to be judgemental right off the start.

I know I'm not a saint, nor am I the most amicable person around, but I try my best to gather more good karma while I'm still alive in this world. I'm not saying that sharing stuff on social media is wrong or bad, but I think the very least a decent human being with some basic cognitive ability and compassion could do, is to remove the video after being notified that the boy has a condition.

If it is a case of "limpeh share what I want and post what I want", then I guess it's fair enough.

[UPDATE: The original post of the video has been taken down!]








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